How to Resolve Hulu Plus Samsung Smart TV Problems?

May 7, 2019

Hulu is one of the most successful streaming services available, to date. They offer the widest variety of content, ranging from comedy to gore. They provide all of the entertainment under one roof, and it helps a lot that Hulu also allows you to stream live TV. Hulu is available for all of the devices, including Smart TVs and streaming devices. You can easily download and install Hulu, and start the streaming. For Samsung TV, you can simply download the application from a channel store, install it and stream from it. But, there are some Hulu Plus Samsung smart TV problems that crop up, now and then. Some common Hulu Plus Samsung smart TV problems The problems basically arise due to three things. Your Hulu application is not updated. Your Samsung TV is not connected to the internet. The version of the operating system you TV runs on is not supported by Hulu anymore. To make sure that the internet connection that the TV is connected to is stable, you have to check if the other devices connected to the same internet is doing good. If the other device is connected to the same internet, and are doing better than this, then the problem is not with the internet. If it is the internet, though, you will have to reconnect to the internet after restarting the device. If your TV is connected to the internet via wireless internet, then you might want to disconnect the device from the internet, and then unplug the internet modem. Leave the connection disconnected for around fifteen seconds, and then power up the router again. Now, connect your Samsung Smart TV again on to the same WiFi. See if this solves your Hulu Plus Samsung smart TV problems. Update the application Most Smart TVs are attuned to download any app updates automatically, if the TV is connected to the WiFi. If you have that disabled, then you will have to manually update the application. We advise you to leave the automatic update on, but if you don’t want to, please make sure to check often for updates. Go to Samsung application store, or the Google Play Store for Smart TVs and check if the application that you have installed is the latest version of the application. If not, that might be the reason for Hulu Plus Samsung smart TV problems that you’re experiencing. The right thing to do would be to update the application. Reinstall the application If the same Hulu Plus Samsung smart TV problems come up again, you have to option to redo the entire thing, and escape from this. Please go to your channel or app list. Please uninstall the application that you have downloaded. After you remove the Hulu application, please restart the device to clear the cache. After you switch on the application, go to the Android store, and enter the same keyword. Now, from the search results, please select the Hulu Plus application. Click on the options, choose to download and install the channel. During the installation, please make sure that the internet connection to keep the installation going. If you […]

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Live Stream College Football on Your Hulu 2018

October 15, 2018

watch College Football on Hulu If you are a cord cutter but want to live stream College Football, then Hulu with live TV is your best bet. This option allows you to stream your favorite sporting events live from multiple partners such as FOX, CBS, ESPN and NBC. If you want to know how to watch College Football on Hulu, hang on for our simplified instructions. Device Support – Know If Your Device Supports Live TV First of all, you need to know which devices support Hulu with live TV feature in order to complete the channel activation successfully. Android phones and tablets Chromecast 4th gen or later Apple TV Roku devices Roku Ultra Premiere and Premiere + Express and Express + 3rd gen and 4th gen Roku 2nd gen Roku Streaming Stick Xbox devices Certain models of Samsung TVs Amazon Fire devices Tablets Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TV Stick Nintendo Switch Other Apple devices iPhones iPads If you possess one of the above-mentioned devices, then we will teach you how to watch College Football on Hulu. An Account and a Subscription are Most Essential Before you install an app for the Hulu channel, we suggest you create the account first and also be ready with a subscription plan. This way, you can directly complete activation as soon as you get the app on your device. Visit the Hulu website to create a free account Once you have created this account, close the browser window Once again, login to the account you just created This way, you can be sure that the account creation was successful Once you login, explore and find out about the various plans available If you are looking to live stream College Football, then Hulu is live TV is what you must choose You can choose for a monthly commitment if you do not want any long-term contracts with the channel Otherwise, there is also a 6-month plan which you can choose too Make a payment when you receive a prompt for the same And also, save this account’s details for the channel activation process Don’t You Need the App on Your TV Whichever device you have, you need to install the app first and then, also activate it with a valid subscription plan. Depending on the device, this process will vary and therefore, the steps that follow are pretty generic. Once you power on your device, ensure you connect it to the internet This channel requires that you have a minimum speed of at least 5 Mbps But internet connections with higher speeds will play live content without any technical snags Then, search for the app on the corresponding application store After which, you can launch it and activate it with your Hulu account details For device-specific guidelines, do allow us to help you by contacting us at our toll-free number +1-855-755-6690. You can also get the 2018 College Football schedule from our representatives through our live chat.

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Simple Steps to Get Hulu Activation Code for Activating Hulu

October 13, 2018

Find Hulu Activation Code With more than 20 million subscribers across the United States, Hulu’s streaming service is constantly expanding its on-demand library by leaps and bounds. While it has been releasing some award-winning original programming with television shows, it is also focused on the live TV option that is all set to emerge as one of the strongest alternatives to cable and satellite services. All you need is a Hulu Activation code to get going with the streaming. Hulu with Live TV If you are looking for Hulu with Live TV, then for $39.99 per month you get dozens of your favorite broadcast and cable channels. Besides these at about $7.99 per month you also get access to the provider’s entire streaming library with its Limited Commercials plan. This is one of the most unique pay-TV alternatives due to its unique format. There are no contracts and a cable box is not required. While all standard channels are already encompassed in Hulu with Live, you can also subscribe to premium add-ons such as HBO, Showtime and Cinemax. Discovery Channel, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Motor Trend which has also been recently rebranded as the Velocity network and Animal Planet will also be added to the list beginning December 2018. Other Services with Hulu Hulu does come with a DVR service where you can record all your favorite shows to watch them later. With a base subscription, users can get about 50 hours of DVR storage into the cloud. Pay an extra $14.99 per month and you will be able to fast forward through the commercials and also avail of about 200 hours of DVR storage in the cloud. Roku Models Hulu works best with Roku models, be it the box or the streaming stick. Setting up the channel is really easy with just the requirement of an activation code. To activate the channel, you just have to reach out the Roku Channel Store and click on the Hulu icon to add it. Moreover, check if your remote has a quick launch button for Hulu. If you own a Roku Express you will see the shortcut button to open the channel instantly. To activate the device you need an activation code. For more information, contact Roku support number. Activating Hulu From the main screen of the Roku device, you go to the Channel Store Here, look for Hulu, select the channel icon and add it to confirm your selection Once you log in from the main screen of the application, you have to select Activate Thereafter, you will receive a unique Hulu activation code on your TV Go to and enter it Note: Your device will automatically be logged out if you do not click Activate in about 30 seconds Deactivating Hulu Removing a Hulu account is as easy as logging into it. To deactivate, you just have to visit your account information on Hulu You can do this on a computer Here, under the Watch Hulu on Your Devices tab, click on Manage Devices You will see a Trash Can icon against the device that you wish to remove Just click […]

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Setup Hulu App On Xbox 360 – Guidelines And Troubleshooting Tips

October 10, 2018

Setup Hulu App On Xbox 360 The Hulu is a unique channel that is compatible with many different types of devices. One such device is the Xbox 360 and in this article, we will learn how to setup Hulu app on Xbox 360. So, what do you need in order to stream the channel on your very own gaming device? An Xbox live account A Hulu account 5 MB memory Good quality internet If you are an owner to all of the above-mentioned items, then you are all set to stream the channel. First, Get the App Ensure that you have enough space on your console before you begin downloading the app. This way, you can be rid of any issues when you begin the process on your Xbox 360. Sign in to your Xbox live account This may need your gamertag info Then go to the Apps menu and select the Browse apps option Search for and locate the Hulu app Select the same and also download it Now, manually launch the app You can do that by simply selecting the icon In most cases, it will automatically launch Once that happens, log in Now, you must use the Hulu account If you don’t already have, create it on their website You even have a free trial period to look forward to If you want to locate the app later on, then visit the My apps section under the Apps menu and look for the Hulu app. How to Watch Once you setup Hulu app on Xbox 360, there are thousands of options for Hulu users which includes both movies and on-demand TV shows. In order to stream them, make use of our step-by-step guidelines or get on-call assistance at our toll-free number +1-855-755-6690. Sign in to your Xbox live account This may need your gamertag info Then, go to the Video menu Choose the My Video apps option And then, select the Hulu app Now, you can search the app’s library Or also, search your queue When you choose a program, select the Play option This method can be used to refill or clear out your Hulu app’s queue items. Procedure for Adding to the Queue Select the Hulu app after choosing the My Video apps option from the Video menu Choose the program which can be a movie or a TV show Finally, choose the Add to queue option Steps for Removing From the Queue Open the Hulu app on your Xbox 360 Then, go to the Queue Choose a program which you no longer stream And then, select the Remove from queue option Family Safety Settings In order to control viewing on the Hulu channel, you can simply effect those changes on your Xbox device. For instance, if you set the parental control ratings on the device, it is automatically reflected on the Hulu app. And in case, elders wish to watch that particular program, they can use a password for it. If you are unable to setup Hulu app on Xbox 360, then visit our website

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Hulu Plus vs Netflix – Movies and TV Shows

October 1, 2018

Hulu Plus vs Netflix The two best channels available for all online streaming users are Hulu Plus and the Netflix channel. They are both independent channels that do not feature on any cable subscription or other cord cutting apps such as DirecTV Now or PlayStation Vue. Each one is a premium channel and has to be added separately to your streaming device. In this comparison of Hulu plus vs Netflix, we will discuss about the pros and cons associated with each channel. Netflix  They are undoubtedly the front runners in this field as they have been in business since 1997. They host some of the best TV shows which are not only money grosser but also award winners in many categories. TV shows Most popular ones now available for streaming include: Bloodline Fuller House House of cards Master of None Orange is the new black The Crown Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Stranger things Luke Cage Sacred Games Sense8 Black mirror Dark Better call Saul The Ranch Jessica Jones Narcos Lost in Space Movies As it is the home for the latest and the biggest hits that Hollywood has seen, get ready to stream them on your streaming device. Boyhood Captain America: Civil war Minions Moana Okja Rogue One Secret Life of Pets Zootopia Like Father Hold the Dark Happily ever after The Package The Kissing Booth Extinction When we first met Come Sunday The Bleeding Edge First Match The Angel How it Ends Candy Jar Pros Wide variety of content Streaming on multiple devices Built-in app in many streaming devices Cons Does not come with any cable subscription A little expensive Not compatible with certain mobile devices Hulu Plus Though this is comparatively a newer channel Hulu Plus, it definitely is here to stay. With offbeat movies and TV shows that has people glued to their TV screens, it is definitely a must-have. Besides, when you pay for a Hulu with live TV subscription, you automatically get access to this premium channel. TV shows Must-watch shows: Chance Difficult People East Los high Mother Up! Shut Eye The Awesomes The Confession The Doozers The Handmaid’s Tale The Path Castle Rock Casual Harlots Future man Deadbeat Freakish The first Hard Sun Movies We are sure that you will not find this list featured on any other channel: Air Bound Bad Company Bloodsport Fright Night Harriet the Spy Song One The Addams Family Mother The Elephant Man Before midnight Fences Silence I, Tonya Winter’s bone Pros Wide variety of exclusive content Monthly premieres from around the world Available with a Hulu with live TV subscription Cons Not supported on certain devices Multiple streaming is restricted May cost a little more than other online streaming channels With these pros and cons of Hulu plus vs Netflix, it is up to the user to choose as to which channel they want on their streaming device. Users can however find activation assistance for the same on our website

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Hulu With Live TV – The Channel List And Other Options

September 8, 2018

Watch Hulu With Live TV on Streaming Device The Hulu channel also offers a live TV feature which is almost like a cable connection but of course without the cable. Hulu with Live TV is now capable of bringing to your homes nearly 600 channels of local origin. In addition, you can also add and enjoy international channels to this already long list of entertainment. So, why don’t we have a look at some of the majors that currently contribute to this list on Hulu. And the best part of this service is the cost, a mere $39.99 which was also its launch cost a year back. A la carte options In addition to the default channels, Hulu gives you a chance to add any number of premium channels. These will be available at a special price tag attached to each on a monthly basis. Showtime ($8.99) HBO ($4.99) Cinemax ($9.99) National Channels A&E Adult Swim CBS Sports Network Cheddar Chiller CNN CNN International CNBC Disney Channel Big Ten Network Boomerang Bravo Cartoon Network Disney XD Disney Junior E! ESPN ESPN2 ESPN-SEC Network Food Network Fox Business Network Fox News Channel EPSNU ESPNews Fox Sports 1 Fox Sports 2 Freeform FX TNT Travel Channel TruTV Universal Kids (East) FXM FXX Nat Geo Wild National Geographic NBCSN Oxygen Network FYI Golf Channel HGTV History HLN Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) POP Smithsonian Sprout Syfy TBS TCM Viceland Unlimited Screens If you and your friends or family want to enjoy watching Hulu with live TV on different TV screens, then it is best to add the Unlimited screens add-on package. It costs around $14.99 per month and you get an additional screening on three mobile devices. However, all of the supported devices must be connected to the same home network to enjoy a single subscription. Steps to Add the Unlimited Screen Add-on Open the Hulu account Then, go to the Add-ons menu Under which you must select Manage option Now, turn off or on the unlimited screens add-on And finally confirm your selection These are steps common to all supported devices however, Roku, Apple and Amazon users can make these changes from their own devices. For which process you can contact us at our toll-free number +1-855-755-6690. Or, you can also reach out to us for your Hulu with Live TV queries at our live chat line at When you Have Issues You may face issues with streaming content on Hulu if and only if you have made some errors in the following situations; Expired subscription Incorrect password Unable to access the registered email If you rectify these issues, then we are sure that you will start streaming the live TV option in no time.

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