Setup Hulu App On Xbox 360

The Hulu is a unique channel that is compatible with many different types of devices. One such device is the Xbox 360 and in this article, we will learn how to setup Hulu app on Xbox 360. So, what do you need in order to stream the channel on your very own gaming device?

  • An Xbox live account
  • A Hulu account
  • 5 MB memory
  • Good quality internet

If you are an owner to all of the above-mentioned items, then you are all set to stream the channel.

First, Get the App

Ensure that you have enough space on your console before you begin downloading the app. This way, you can be rid of any issues when you begin the process on your Xbox 360.

Setup Hulu App on Xbox 360

Setup Hulu App on Xbox 360

  • Sign in to your Xbox live account
  • This may need your gamertag info
  • Then go to the Apps menu and select the Browse apps option
  • Search for and locate the Hulu app
  • Select the same and also download it
  • Now, manually launch the app
  • You can do that by simply selecting the icon
  • In most cases, it will automatically launch
  • Once that happens, log in
  • Now, you must use the Hulu account
  • If you don’t already have, create it on their website
  • You even have a free trial period to look forward to

If you want to locate the app later on, then visit the My apps section under the Apps menu and look for the Hulu app.

How to Watch

Once you setup Hulu app on Xbox 360, there are thousands of options for Hulu users which includes both movies and on-demand TV shows. In order to stream them, make use of our step-by-step guidelines or get on-call assistance at our toll-free number +1-855-755-6690.

  • Sign in to your Xbox live account
  • This may need your gamertag info
  • Then, go to the Video menu
  • Choose the My Video apps option
  • And then, select the Hulu app
  • Now, you can search the app’s library
  • Or also, search your queue
  • When you choose a program, select the Play option

This method can be used to refill or clear out your Hulu app’s queue items.

Procedure for Adding to the Queue

  • Select the Hulu app after choosing the My Video apps option from the Video menu
  • Choose the program which can be a movie or a TV show
  • Finally, choose the Add to queue option

Steps for Removing From the Queue

  • Open the Hulu app on your Xbox 360
  • Then, go to the Queue
  • Choose a program which you no longer stream
  • And then, select the Remove from queue option

Family Safety Settings

In order to control viewing on the Hulu channel, you can simply effect those changes on your Xbox device. For instance, if you set the parental control ratings on the device, it is automatically reflected on the Hulu app. And in case, elders wish to watch that particular program, they can use a password for it. If you are unable to setup Hulu app on Xbox 360, then visit our website